Registration for Fall Term
Application open (MDT Time Zone): October 1
Application deadline (International Student): April 29
Note: Domestic applicant deadline: August 1

Webinar produced by Multimedia Students and organized by International Student Services – A Video Overview of the Multimedia Master Program.

Entrance & Program Requirements

Entrance Requirements

For the general regulations of the (1) Department of Computing Science, and (2) Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, University of Alberta, visit

Official transcript is required from the issuing institution. You can read the guideline here.

Minimum admission requirements for this program are a four-year undergraduate degree with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4 point scale, or the equivalent, in the last two years of previous relevant studies. Where applicable, a TOEFL score in required (see 203.2.4 and FGSR requirements). Students must hold a bachelor's degree in Computing Science, Computer Engineering, or in a related field in Science or Engineering with some relevant experience. Industrial experience may be considered as a factor when considering admission of students close to these boundaries. It should be noted that these are minimum requirements only.

Your application will be assessed by an admission committee for the MM Program, which is independent from the admission committee for the regular graduate program in the Department of Computing Science.

Program Requirements

The Multimedia MSc Program requires the completion of 36 credits in graduate-level course work. One of these core courses is a 18 credits multimedia project and a final document reporting the R&D relating to this project. Core courses are scheduled regularly, and may be conducted in an intensive evening / weekend format. Elective reading courses are scheduled according to instructor availability. Students wishing to maintain full-time status must register in at least 9 credits per term. Graduation requires a minimum 2.7 GPA on all Multimedia (MM) courses credited towards the degree (see 203.8.3). Students must maintain standards acceptable to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research to remain in the program.

Students take 9 course credits in the first term and another 9 course credits in the second term. In the third and fourth terms, students take 9 project credits in each term. Students can make up course credits by enrolling MM811 or MM812 (refer Course Description), which can also serve as optional courses to enhance student skills. The graduation requirement is a minimum of 18 course credits and 18 project credits. In each course term, students are required to maintain an average GPA of 3.0 with no course grade lower than B-.

Each student can only get a maximum of 9 MM credits per term or per 4 months period.

Most courses involve a course project implementation relating to practical industrial problems. Programming skills at undergraduate level in computer science or computer engineering are essential, e.g. C/C++, OpenGL, MatLab or Java. Script programming skill, e.g. PHP and Javascript, without more advanced programming experience will not be sufficient to handle course project implementation. Based on known programming skills, students are expected to quickly pick up a new programming language.

Students have the option of writing a project report at the end of each project term, or a research document combining the work done in the two project terms.

Length of Program

While there is no full time residency requirement, the program must be completed within four years from admission.