Registration for Fall Term
Application open (MDT Time Zone): October 1
Application deadline (International Student): March 1
*Applicants will start receiving notifications in March

Note: Domestic applicant who does not require study visa can also apply between March 1 and July 31 (email before July 31)

Webinar produced by Multimedia Students and organized by International Student Services – A Video Overview of the Multimedia Master Program.

Project Examples

3D modelling, animation and special ffects by Tyler Hawkins, David Russell and Robyn Morin

Examples of internship project placements: MITACS funded

  • BrokerAID Risk Assessment Automation System
  • Data-driven AI Approach for Union Data Analysis
  • A B2B Solution for Insurance Management Automation
  • EarlyDetect, a Cloud based Mental Health Screening Tool - Phase II
  • Locating Anomalies in Aerial Multi-Spectral Imagery
  • AI Market Penetration Engine
  • Polity Data Structuring
  • Digital Twin for Civil Engineering Design Workflow
  • Data-driven AI Approach for Union Data Analysis $6K (Accelerate Explore)
  • NABI-In-A-Box: Web Data Management, Visualization & Communication
  • Development Platform for building Blockchain-empowered Data-driven Metaverse
  • AI-enabled Personalized Product Recommendation System
  • Accountium - Automation and Optimization for Accounting Workflow
  • NLP-empowered Automation for Integrity Assessment in Legal Documents
  • Autonomous AI price prediction and analysis using data segmentation and similarity Matching
  • Intelligent Analytics for Dynamic Events in a Smart City
  • Intelligent Product Quality Assessment (IPQA) Toolkit
  • EarlyDetect: a cloud based mental health screening tool
  • AI Empowered Transaction Interpretation for Ledger Reconciliation
  • Development of a 3D environment for ventricular puncture
  • LIDAR urban scene infrastructure asset feature extraction
  • Autonomous Surveillance and Inspection using Drone for Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Image segmentation of foliage and man-made objects in aerial RGB images
  • Intelligent Card Detection for Automatic Documentation & e-Commerce
  • AI in Ophthalmology triage automation
  • Monitoring vital signs and location for COVID-19 detection
  • AI for delivering product recommendation in retail consumer categories
  • Pattern Recognition in an Internet of Personal Health (IoPH) Platform
  • eChaperone Computer Vision Application in Healthcare Analytics
  • Sentiment Analysis for the Assessment of Financial Fitness (SAFF)
  • Hand Hygiene Tracking Prototype Development
  • CYPRESS Video Analytic Framework

Other funded internship projects:

  • Automated Wildlife Detection Network and RoBird
  • Displacement Updates in Dynamic Areas
  • Intelligent Parts Recognition and Navigation using Robotic Arms
  • Wide Area Monitoring System
  • Sensor-Based Cloud Computing Interface
  • Touchless Gesture Based Human Ultrasound Interaction
  • Tracking of Endo-vascular Surgical Tools for Computer Assisted Surgery