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Webinar produced by Multimedia Students and organized by International Student Services – A Video Overview of the Multimedia Master Program.

2015-16 Student Course Projects

HCI project – Arm-Band controlled interface

We developed an iPad app for this project. The iPad app is a recipe app which could display recipes that could help user to cook. The main feature for the iPad app is that the app could be controlled by the Myo Armband. Using the Myo Armband, user could control the recipe app without even touching the iPad.

MM student(s): Hong Zu Li and Xinyao Sun

Virtual Reality project - Game

Santa's Bike Expedition: for the VR (Virtual Reality) Bike MM student(s): Sweta Bedmutha, Ruyi Wang and Queenie Luc.

(Queenie’s message) "The goal of the game is to have the player bike around a map, collecting presents and delivering them to houses, within the time limit. Players can use the mini map, which have the house and present locations, as well as power ups such as speed boosters to help them complete the game".

(Ruiyi’s message) "This project is about making a game of collecting and delivering gifts to certain houses, controlled with either keyboard/mouse or VR bike. The game is developed with Unity5 and scripted by using C#. The main scene includes the first person controller, the terrain, randomly placed gifts and houses. Visual effects include snowing, speeding up, and an encouragement (explosion effect) when player collects a gift. There is also a mini map indicating game objects, time limit, and collected gift count/points.".

Graphics project – Ray Tracing

Ray tracing is commonly used in 3D graphics for rendering complex lighting. Ray tracing can generate realistic effects like shadows, reflections & colors. The disadvantage is poor time performance. My project aimed to achieve real-time ray tracing and I successfully rendered faster and realistic scenes using the GPU and GLSL software.

MM student(s): Vijesh Karkera

Computer Vision project – Gesture Recognition

It this project, I describe an appearance-based technique for hand gesture detection in real-time video. The low-level implementation is using the Haar-like feature and the Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost) machine learning algorithm for hand gesture recognition. The high-level improvement is combining the pre-processing with the adaptive color model for skin segmentation and post-processing with feature points extraction and tracking to improve the robust of the entire system.

MM student(s): Xinyao Sun (Alvin)